Abid Clever Coffee Dripper Review

Abid C-70888 Clever Coffee Dripper

Abid C-70888 Clever Coffee Dripper

  • Abid Coffee Dripper
  • Model Number C-70888
  • Coffee filter makes for easy clean up after brewing
  • Filter also prevents your brewed coffee from having coffee grounds mixed in
  • You can pour all the water immediately over the coffee grounds
  • Coffee is held back with the shut-off valve design until brewing cycle is finished
  • Use any type of grind, no more need to guess at what grind to use
  • Use boiling water for preheating the dripper and your coffee mug to give you the perfect drinking temperature
  • Dripper weighs 14.4 ounces
  • Dripper measures 6" x 6" x 6"
  • Customer Reviews from Amazon

    Abid Clever Coffee Dripper Summary:
    This is a very easy and quick way to brew coffee. Your coffee will taste great as there will be no bitterness, acidity, or any loose coffee grounds in your cup. The coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the filter naturally instead of being pushed to the bottom of the brewing carafe. This is accomplished with the new shut-off valve system design. Overall, you get great tasting coffee with little fuss or muss, and easy clean up afterwards.

    To brew coffee all you need to do is put a paper filter into the brewer. Then add coffee grounds and boiling water, stir some and then let it sit and brew for about 4 minutes. Then place the Abid Coffee Dripper on top of your coffee mug and it will fill it up with perfectly brewed coffee. Now just lift the brewer off of your coffee mug and the shut-off system will stop the flow of coffee. If you want even hotter coffee you can pour some boiling water through the coffee dripper and into your coffee mug before adding the brewed coffee, this will preheat both, then just pour out the water and begin the brewing process.

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