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The Dualit Coffee Maker is a great espresso machine. Most manufacturers make different types of coffee makers ranging from espresso machines, cappuccino makers, drip coffee makers, filter coffee makers etc. But Dualit makes only espresso coffee makers, barring one model (the Dualit Filter 84006) which is a filter coffee maker. However, here we will be reviewing only the espresso makers. Dualit has various models to choose from, all with different features. But the one thing that all these models have in common is that they are espresso coffee makers.

Dualit did manufacture a stainless steel coffee maker that was a 10 cup drip model, but this model was discontinued by the manufacturer which left only their espresso machines in the market. However, if you do come across this Dualit coffee maker from an old inventory, it may be well worth buying as it is a very good coffee maker. The Stainless Steel look really stands out in the kitchen and has a very stylish appearance. Along with being an attractive unit, this Dualit coffee maker also works very well and gives you a great cup of coffee that will not taste like toxic sludge (like coffee from some other coffee makers does).

In addition to that, the added features such as a water level indicator, warming hotplate, easy to fill water reservoir, automatic water stop system, and the drip interruption valve (which allows you to remove the decanter even in mid-brew), makes this coffee maker an excellent buy. Really does make me wonder why the manufacturer has discontinued this model………

At any rate, back to the top selling espresso Dualit coffee maker. Here are the top two:

1. The Dualit D889 Espresso Maker
Dualit D889 Espresso Maker


  • Espresso and cappuccino maker
  • 15Bar Pump for extra crema
  • Holder for filter and 2 sieves for crema
  • Thermobolic heating device
  • Separate froth wand (attachment)
  • 1.5 liter capacity
  • Dimensions are 30cm x 28cm x 27cm

    This Dualit coffee maker does indeed make very good espresso, at least as good as you can get with a home espresso machine. The powerful 15 bar pump ensures that you get a good layer of crema that doesn’t disappear just a few seconds after the coffee is ready. At the price, it is also an economical buy.

    However, if you want a coffee maker that is stylish and looks good in your kitchen, then this is not it. The body of the unit is plastic which does not make for an attractive unit. However, the good quality steel cups and saucers do make up a little for the so-so looks.

    All in all, this Dualit coffee maker is good value for money. And the espresso is great too!

    2. The Dualit Espresso/Grinder 84014
    Dualit Espresso/Grinder 84014


  • In-built coffee grinder
  • Multiple grinding settings for fine to coarse
  • 15 bar pump
  • Swiveling hot water or steam wand
  • Separate frothing attachment
  • 2 liter capacity

    This Dualit coffee maker is a great espresso maker and grinder in one. With the separate frothing attachment, you can make a good cappuccino too. The black and chrome body of the coffee maker is quite easy to keep clean and is very good looking too. The powerful 15 bar pump ensures that you do not run out of steam mid way through your espresso making.

    On the down side, this Dualit coffee maker is quite an expensive purchase. It can be a bit difficult to operate, especially the grinding system. But largely speaking, it is quite a good coffee maker, especially for those who like to buy whole coffee beans and not coffee grounds.

    Whichever Dualit coffee maker you decide to buy, make sure you look around for the best deals first. Buying online could be the better option as you can get great discounted prices if you research thoroughly.

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