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Bunn Coffee Makers are a great choice for those people who would like to make cafe type coffees in their homes or offices. Americans are a coffee drinking lot, which is really not a surprise considering all the Starbucks and other coffee houses all over the country. But if you’d like to enjoy a caffeine filled cup as soon as you awake and not have to wait till mid-morning to get one at your local cafe, then you should invest in a good coffee maker.

There are many leading brands of coffeemakers available in the market, Bunn Coffee Makers being one of them. In this article, we will elaborate on all the factors that need to be considered when buying one of these.

Type of coffee maker:

Here are the various kinds of Bunn Coffee Makers, which are classified according to the type of brewer that they feature:

  • Pod coffee maker: The coffee is brewed by the cup and not by the gallon, and coffee pods are used instead of ground coffee.

  • Thermal: The coffee is brewed into a thermal carafe. Because of this, the coffee stays hot for longer periods and thus fresher. As these Bunn Coffee Makers do not feature separate warmers, it is possible to use the thermal carafe at other locations.

  • Drip: The coffee is brewed directly into pots. It is then kept hot by the warmers. The drip coffee maker is the oldest type, which is why there are plenty of models to select from.

  • Satellite: This type is great for offices or other commercial applications as it can brew large quantities of coffee at a time. These are generally available with capacities of half to 1 gallon of coffee. You can use several servers with the brewer, which can then be kept hot by pacing on any warmer.

  • Airpot: In this type of coffee maker, the coffee is brewed into an airpot. The main benefit of an airpot is that it allows you to keep the coffee warmer for longer periods. These too do not have any warmers. Some models also have a gourmet funnel. This means that you can brew gourmet coffee easily as the funnel is large enough to hold the increased quantities of coffee grounds that are required to make gourmet coffee.

  • Liquid: These Bunn Coffee Makers use liquid coffee concentrate to brew coffee, and not grounds or powder. They are great for brewing large amounts of coffee.

  • Soft Heat: These are also ideal for brewing large amounts (up to 1.5 gallon) of coffee. SoftHeat refers to a unique server that has heat control which shuts off the unit entirely once the desired temperature is achieved. They also have an electronic grinder interface that automatically conveys to the grinder the precise amount of coffee that is required for the amount of brew needed.

  • ThermoFresh: This coffeemaker is also suitable for volume brewing. It can also store different coffee recipes, thus making it simple to brew various kinds of coffee.

  • Urn: If your coffee brewing needs are enormous (11 to 19 gallons every hour), then this type is the perfect choice.

    Manual or Automatic:

    These machines are broadly classified as manual or automatic.

    The manual (or as they say in coffee language, pourover) is one where you need to pour water into the water reservoir manually.

    In an automatic Bunn coffee maker, the brewer is attached to a water source, thus filling the reservoir automatically. Some automatic models also have a pourover option so that you can use the coffeemaker even if you do not have a water source to attach to.

    Thus, depending on your individual needs (amount of coffee needed, waterline availability, etc) you can choose from the various models accordingly.

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