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Keruig Coffee Maker Reviews

Keruig Coffee Makers are a true example of the commitment to excellence that the Kuerig Company promises its customers. And with the word ‘Keurig’ meaning excellence in Dutch, it does seem like the manufacturers of keurig coffee machines did get it absolutely right, and we’re not just referring to the name.

With the various models of available to choose from, which one should you pick? Well, hopefully our top 2 picks will help you with that.

Keurig Coffee Makers are broadly classified into two categories: For home use and for office use. Here’s a look at the leading models from each of these two categories.

For Home Use:

1) The Ultra B50

Keurig Ultra B50 Coffee MakerThis is undoubtedly the best of all the types of Keruig Coffee Makers for home use. It is the leading one cup coffee maker on the market and truly revolutionizes the way coffee is made. This coffee maker can also be used to brew tea. It is very simple to use; brews the coffee in under a minute, and such that the coffee tastes absolutely great all the time.

With the patented K-cup technology that is the main feature of this Keurig coffee maker, you will get a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee any time. This coffee maker can be used with various blends of K-cup coffee, and since it makes one cup at a time, you can now serve different types of coffee to all the members of your family and even your friends.

This coffee maker has a removable water reservoir with 48 ounce capacity, which means you can prepare between 6 and 8 cups of coffee before you would have to refill the water. The no grinding, no measuring, and easy clean up benefits of this coffee maker sure make it an awesome buy. And at just $ 149.95, it’s virtually a steal!

For Office Use:

1) The Keurig B2003 Brewing System

Keurig B2003 Brewing SystemThis is the top-of-the-line model for office use. This coffee maker has been designed keeping in mind that offices and work places have heavy duty requirements. This coffee maker is ideal for offices that have more than 30 employees.

It features a fully automatic brewer and a direct waterline so that you need not keep filling the pourover water reservoir. The used K-cups are automatically removed to a holding bin, so you don’t have to worry about a mess. It also features a Custom Brew feature, whereby it is possible to brew a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee.

Another great feature of this Keruig coffee maker is that it is vending compatible. Thus, you can also charge for the coffee if you so wish. It accepts charges in increments of 5 cents.

Thus, depending on your individual requirements, you can choose from these Kurig Coffee Makers accordingly.

Caring For Keruig Coffee Makers

All Keruig coffee makers come with a one year warranty. However, by ensuring that you keep the heating elements and the water reservoir clean, you can extend the life of your coffee maker considerably.

All parts of the coffee maker that come in contact with water should be de-scaled (cleaned using white vinegar) at least once every 6 months. If you use hard water, the de-scaling should be done every three months. This is how you can ensure that your Keruig Coffee Makers last a long time.

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