Electrics Mug Warmer Review

Continental Electrics CE23381 Power Indicator Light Mug Warmer

  • CE23381 Power Indicator Light Mug Warmer
  • Available in in white
  • Includes mug with the mug warmer
  • Energy efficient so it saves you money
  • Lightweight so you can easily take it with you anywhere
  • Use at your dorm room, office, cabin, RV, or at home
  • Features a power indicator light
  • Unit is easy to use
  • Mug that comes with is dishwasher safe
  • Model number CE23381
  • Customer Reviews

    Actually does keep your beverage Hot. Not warm or lukewarm, but really hot. Plus, even though it keeps your beverage hot, it doesn't damage the surface of whatever you put the unit on. The only negative is the short cord, and no automatic shut off. But then, who knows how long you want to keep something hot. The price is very reasonable, especially considering it actually does what it is supposed to do, and it lasts a long time, very durable product.

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