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Teavana Teapot Warmers Reviews

Teavana Cast Iron Teapot Warmer - SmallTeavana Cast Iron Teapot Warmer
  • Cast iron warmer and tea candle keeps your tea warm for hours
  • Once you light a tealight candle and put it in this warmer, your tea will stay warm until it blows out
  • Also raises your favorite teapot for an attractive serving table
  • Perfect for those who drink from a pot of tea all day
  • Small size is for teapots under 20 ounces
  • Available in small (under 20oz pot), Medium (20-30oz) and Large (30oz or more pot).

    Teavana Glass Teapot WarmerTeavana Glass Teapot Warmer

  • Teavana Glass Teapot Warmer
  • Keep your tea warm with our attractive glass teapot warmer
  • Simply light a tea candle and put the pot on top to keep tea warm for an hour or more
  • Will last with proper care even though it looks delicate and fragile
  • One tea light candle included
  • 5.5 inches in diameter
  • Perfect accompaniment to our glass teapots

    Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot/coffee Pot WarmerRoyal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot/coffee Pot Warmer

  • Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot/coffee Pot Warmer
  • Warmer has a diameter of 5.75 inches
  • Made for a large size teapot, it can also accomodate a small or medium teapot
  • Directions: Place a tea light candle in the center of warmer, light it, and put your teapot or coffee pot on the warmer
  • As long as the tea light is burning your beverage will stay warm
  • 22 carat gold trim
  • Dishwasher safe

    Teavana Cast Iron Teapot Warming StandTeavana Cast Iron Teapot Warming Stand

  • Teavana Cast Iron Teapot Warming Stand
  • Uses a small tealight candle to keep your teapot warm
  • Great way to enjoy a warm pot of tea for much longer than just sitting the teapot on a trivet
  • More attractive way to present your teapot
  • Raised on a cast iron stand
  • Black cast iron teapot warming stand will last a lifetime with proper care
  • Small is almost 2.5 inches tall and 4 inches square
  • Large is 2.5 inches tall and 4.75 inches square
  • Large is for large (30 ounce and up) teapots.

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