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Excalibur USB Chiller And warmer Excalibur USB Chiller And Beverage Warmer

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  • Beverages are chilled or heated, your choice
  • Completely portable warmer/chiller, can be plugged into your computer thru your USB connector
  • Cooling fan is built-in
  • Features a simple "on/off" control
  • Compact and durable design

    Chinese Tea Cozy - Rattan by Reorient Chinese Tea Cozy - Rattan by Reorient

  • Tea Warmer by Reorient
  • Tea is kept hot for hours
  • Unit fits Chinese cylinder tea pot
  • Traditional Chinese tea warmer
  • Made in China

    Wholesale USB Mug Warmer by Premium

    Premium 339940 USB Mug Warmer

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  • Wholesale lot of 25 USB beverage warmers
  • Does not include the mug
  • Can be used with any USB port
  • Beverage stays warm until it is finished
  • Surface is easy to clean

    Maxi-Aids Coffee, Tea and Soup Warmer

    Coffee Tea and Soup Warmer

  • Beverage Warmer for your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and soup
  • Keeps your beverages at the optimal temperature
  • Works great at home, office, school, or cabin
  • Use with any non-paper cup or non-plastic mug
  • Just plug it in, put your beverage on it, and your beverage stays hot

    Agis Cup, Mug, Coffee Cup and Candle Warmer

    Agis AG944 Beverage Warmer

  • Electric Beverage Warmer model number: AG944
  • Keep hot your coffee, soups, tea, cocoa, and more
  • Also can be used to warm your candles
  • Heating element has 18 watts of heating power
  • Easy to clean with the nonstick heating element
  • Features an "on/off" switch with a neon "ON" indicator

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