Camp Coffee
and Chicory Essence Review

Camp Coffee and Chicory Coffee Essence

  • 241g bottle
  • 6 - 241 Ml Bottles

  • Camp Chicory and Coffee Essence
  • Available in 241g bottle and Six 241 Ml Bottles
  • Works well in baking
  • Well liked as a hot drink that is mixed with warm milk
  • Sold by Penguin Mints
  • Item weighs 8.5 ounces
  • Made by McCormick's of Scotland
  • Syrup that is a blend of coffee and chicory
  • To make pour over some ice and add milk
  • This is a thick black coffee syrup with chicory added
  • Has a unique looking logo
  • Ingredients include sugar, water, coffee, and chicory
  • Drink is best when served cold

    History of Camp Coffee
    This is made by the Paterson Company which is located in Glasgow. This was the world's first instant coffee, make in 1876. This coffee consisted of an essence of coffee beans, chicory, and sugar which was contained in a distinctive bottle. It is believed that the Gordon Highlanders requested a coffee drink from Campbell Paterson that could be used easily by the troops in the army while on the field campaigns in India. Making coffee the regular way of grinding and brewing was too time consuming and complicated to be used by the military field kitchen. This proved to be a much simpler way of making coffee, the creation of a liquid Camp coffee. The label changed over the years to keep from looking like the Sikh in the picture was a servant as shown on the original label. In the current label the 2 soldiers are sitting next to each other outside of a tent. The drinks slogan is "Ready Aye Ready".

    This is a coffee that comes in a syrup form. Just add milk and stir and you have a great tasting coffee and chicory beverage. Best served cold as a iced coffee drink. Great for bringing on trips, no need to brew coffee for that great coffee taste.

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