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Bodum Coffee Press

First, a short history of Bodum. Started in Copenhagen in 1944 by Peter Bodum. At present his son, Joergen Bodum owns this family run business. The business started out as a wholesaler of several housewares products. It wasn't until the 50's that Peter started designing products himself. The result was the Santos coffeemaker, which is to this day still being produced and marketed with the original design. The first French Coffee Press wasn't introduced by Bodum until 1974.

Since then Bodum has produced in excess of 50 million french coffee presses. The company started out in Denmark, but eventually moved to Switzerland to be more centrally located throughout Europe. Today Bodum employs over 700 people in fourteen countries.

Coffee Presses by Bodum

  • Bodum Chambord 12-Ounce Coffee Press
  • Bodum French Press 16-Ounce Insulated Travel Coffee Press
  • Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press
  • Bodum Young Press 34-Ounce Coffee Press
  • Bodum New Kenya 34-Ounce Coffee Press
  • Bodum Chambord 3-Cup Coffee Press
  • Bodum Brazil Glass 3-Cup Coffee Press
  • Bodum Chambord 8-Cup Press
  • Bodum Columbia 8-Cup Stainless-Steel
    Thermal Press Pot
  • French Press Coffeemakers

    The Bodum Coffee Press is different to operate than any other coffeemaker you have owned:

    Instructions for Using the Bodum Coffee Press

    1. Grab the handle firmly and pull the plunger straight up and remove from the pot.

    2. Put into the pot 1 round tablespoon or 1 Bodum scoop of coarse ground coffee for each 4 ounce cup of coffee. Don't use anything other than coarse ground coffee as finer grinds will most likely clog the filter.

    3. Pour non-boiling hot water leaving a minimum of one inch of space at the top of the pot. Stir the brew with a non-metal spoon. If you using a metal spoon you could possibly scratch or break the glass beaker.

    4. Put the plunger on top of the pot. You also need to close the pour spout opening by closing the lid. Don't press down. Let brew for a minimum of four minutes.

    5. While holding the handle firmly, making sure to keep the spout aiming away from you, apply slight hand pressure on the plunger knob lowering the plunger straight down. Use as little pressure as possible. If while pushing the plunger down the filter clogs or you have trouble pushing the plunger down, stop. Then remove the plunger and stir the brew. Then try plunging again. Using too much pressure could cause scalding brew to shoot out of the coffeemaker.

    6. Turn the lid opening the pour spout and then you can start pouring your brewed coffee.

    7. After using, always clean the plunger by unscrewing the filter assembly. All of Bodum French Press parts are dishwasher-safe.

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