Removing Stuck
Plunger from French Press

by Annie
(Santa Cruz, CA)


Removing the plunger the first time after receiving it. Having a very difficult time trying to figure out how to remove the filter plunger from the carafe, before using it for the first time. I just received mine and can't figure out how to take the plunger out! HELP!!

Usually removing the plunger isn't much of a problem. But yours seems to be stuck. Try running cold or hot water over the plunger and the body of the unit, and then try removing it. It seems you have some suction holding it in, and you need to break the suction. I think using hot water would do the trick, but if not, try running cold water and then trying again. If neither one of those work, you could try to using some type of lubricant to break the seal. Maybe cooking oil, melted butter, spray on spam, or something similar. You want to stay away from WD-40 or similar products because of the contamination once you get it open. But if all else fails, you might want to go that route. Otherwise, maybe someone else has had this problem and will respond.

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Plunger from French Press

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Feb 02, 2018
I did it! NEW
by: Jewels

My coffee press disk was suctioned to the bottom of the carafe. I ended up using a screw driver and a flat bottom screw to grip the metal opening where the plunger handle is normally secured. It worked like a charm and saved me $40.

Jul 09, 2016
Plunger stuck first time use NEW
by: Anonymous

I had same prblm today. Got my first french press. The plunger stuck at d bottom. I pour in hot water then used a food tongs to pullm8t out. Not easy but finall managed to get it out ☺

Oct 14, 2015
by: STATISTICA Homework Help

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