Yama Siphon Instructions

Yama Siphon Instructions:

First you need to use a slightly finer grind of coffee such as auto drip grind. Then drop the filter into the infusion chamber making sure the chain is hanging down into the glass siphon tube.

The pull the chain and hook it to the bottom of the tube. Now fill the bottom carafe with hot water until you reach the 8 cup mark. Then put 8 measuring spoons of coffee into the top chamber.

Place the coffee siphon on the burner using the wire trivet that is between the siphon and the burner and turn to medium heat. As the water is boiling it will be siphoned into the top chamber infusing with the coffee grounds. A small amount of water will remain in the bottom chamber, don't worry about that.

You brew for about 60 seconds and then take the pot off of the heat source. After the coffee starts cooling the brew is siphoned back into the bottom carafe. Take off the top and place it in the convertible stand/lid. To remove the upper carafe you need to rock the upper carafe until it can be easily removed. Now the coffee is ready for serving.

You can use Isopropyl alcohol which can be purchased at any drug store in the alcohol burner. However, denatured alcohol will burn hotter giving you coffee quicker. This is available at most hardware stores.

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