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Deciding to place an Office Coffee Maker in your business is definitely a viable decision, but thinking a household appliance will suffice is not. A report by the National Coffee Association proves that approximately 60% of Americans are coffee drinkers, which is one more reason to invest in an office coffee maker. Considering the lineups at the local drive-throughs at 6 am, a commercial coffee maker will ensure your java drinking employees make it to work on time, and are kept refreshed all through the day. There are a number of significant differences between a home coffee maker, and an office coffee maker, with the most important being their capacity.

Unlike 1 cup home brewers, office coffee makers are designed to cater to a large crowd, and are built tough to handle regular wear and tear. To add to this, traditional home coffee makers definitely lack a number of options compared to office coffee makers, such as an exclusive hot water spout to make hot chocolate and tea, onboard water filtration systems and direct water hookups. When you think of an office coffee maker, the first thing that’s comes to mind are over the counter large appliances. Yes, these definitely exist, but there are also the top notch commercial brewers, which come in various shapes and sizes. Listed below are a few elite options to consider, which are sure to help stimulate your employees physical and mental functions.

Bunn VPR Commercial 12 Cup Coffee Brewer with 2 Onboard Warmers

This office coffee maker makes an excellent asset to a small office, and features intuitive controls, easy to clean surface, stainless steel components, and a SplashGuard funnel. The 2 warmers feature individual controls, which helps brew 2 pots simultaneously. This plug and brew unit requires no additional plumbing and is designed with an elegant pour over design.

Bunn VPS 12 Cup Pourover Brewer with 3 Commercial Warmers

The Bunn coffee maker is crafted with durable stainless steel, and is one of the many preferred choice for offices, restaurants and commercial establishments. With a brewing capacity of 14.4 liters, this coffee brewer features 3 separate warmers and is definitely priced right.

Keurig B155 Commercial Single Serve Coffee Brewer

With this Keurig office brewer, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in less than 1 minute, and can facilitate up to 90 ounces of water at a time. featuring an auto shut off option this appliance is designed with a touchscreen interface, and a drip tray for added convenience.

Black & Decker DCM2500 12 Cup Coffee Maker

This 12 cup Black and Decker Coffee maker is an ideal fit for small offices that need the extra coffee. With easy to clean controls, auto off option and an onsite digital timer and clock, this coffee brewer is definitely designed for startups and established businesses alike.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

If you need to brew 1-4 cups of savoring espresso at a time, there’s no better option than this Mr Coffee brewer. This appliances is a great add-on to your existing coffee machine, and features a drip tray, stay cool handle and milk frother.

West Bend 33600 Commercial Coffee Urn

This coffee urn is hands down the best office coffee maker available at this price. Set on a cool base platform, this coffee urn brews a cup every minute, and features a keep warm mode and a coffee level gauge.

Bunn VPR APS Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer

This portable coffee maker by Bunn requires no plumbing, and can churn out 14.4 liters of fresh java per hour. The SplashGuard funnel prevents unpredictable injuries and burns, and can accommodate 1.9-3 liter airpots.

Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic Coffee Brewer

Bunn brings you this space saver solution, which is not only appealing but is appointed with an array of thoughtful functions. Once the water reaches brewing temperature, your coffee is less than 3 minutes away.

Bunn VP17-2 Pourover Coffee Brewer with 2 Warmers

Manufactured by one of the most esteemed names in the appliance business, Bunn brings you a simple yet elegant coffee brewer, which features a SplashGuard funnel, stainless steel construction and brews approximately 4 gallons of coffee per hour.

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