Coin op for Keurig B2003

by Pete Doran


Is there a coin op unit for a Keurig b2003 brewers. Does it have a $1.00 option.

The Keurig B2003 brewer is vending compatible and features a bill acceptor and coin changer. Cannot tell you for absolute certainty, but assuming you can set it for whatever price point you want. You will need to buy one of these through an authorized Keurig dealer as this model is a commercial model. Dealers include but are not limited to L&L Delivery and Coffee Distributing Corp. I cannot vouch for these dealers as they are new to me. But this is a start if you decide to purchase a new model.

Please be aware that there are other commercial models that might better suit your needs. The dealers mentioned should be able to give you all the information you need concerning the B2003 and the other models available.

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