Why is Iced Coffee So Popular?

Why is Iced Coffee So Popular?

In the heat of summer, coffee drinkers throughout the world quickly shift their tastes to iced coffee which provides the flavor, caffeine and sustenance of roasted coffee in a more palatable form. There are a wide variety of regional variants on iced coffee in Europe, Africa and Asia, bringing a unique cultural blend of diverse flavors. As a result of increasing demand for after-meal and morning coffee flavors, iced coffee has become one of the most popular drinks on the market today.

To fully understand the popularity of iced coffee, one must understand the preparation and serving methods. Proper iced coffee brewing involves using dissolved espresso into iced milk or water for a quick, fresh flavor. The resulting coffee can be served chilled, and is often sweetened with syrup or sweet dairy flavors.

Among the most popular iced coffee variants are found in North America, where coffee shops have perfected the art of sweet, dairy-based iced coffees. As a result, coffee shops ranging from local independents to major national chains now feature a variety of iced coffee drinks made from brewed coffee. One of the most popular variants is the iced cappuccino which is a blended combination of milk, coffee and syrup flavors, tailored to the drinker’s specification. Unique African and Asian iced coffee blends have also influenced Western flavors, such as Vietnamese sweet iced coffee.

European iced coffee is always increasingly popular, where Eiskaffee is a sweet, iced variant which is served in local cafes and restaurants to popular acclaim. Other Continental countries such as Greece produce popular dairy-based variants, which are often blended and served cold. Italy, home to one of the oldest coffee making traditions in the world serves caffe freddo which is a standard iced espresso which brings out the true flavors in the ground coffee beans and is often paired with flavor shorts.

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