Iced Coffee
Drink your Toddy coffee icy cold!

Iced Coffee is coffee brewed cool rather than the normal brew of coffee served hot. The basic principle of brewing ice coffee involves the soaking of coarsely ground coffee beans in ice-cold water for several hours. This mixture is then filtered and finally you get the cold coffee concentrate. Then you’ve got to dilute this concentrate per your preferance of milk or water.

Iced Gourmet Coffee is sometimes referred to as Toddy coffee. This is because in 1964 a person named Todd Simpson developed and patented an exclusive cold-coffee brewing device. However, today you can also use other individualized set ups for making ice coffee at home other than Toddy brewing systems.

Iced Coffee is just so smooth, creamy and delicious! You can prepare a glass of delicious ice coffee with loads of crushed/whole ice cubes and lots of cream and sugar. Or you can enjoy cold icy coffee with dollops of yummy coffee flavored ice cream. Such a cold concoction of delightful coffee can be made smoother and creamier if it is put in a blender and whipped thoroughly.

For the coffee crazy Americans this is just another irresistible option. Sipping into such a cool, cool coffee drink just lifts up the spirits. Your taste buds are sure to be pampered. Cold coffee is especially popular in the summer time providing instant relief from the heat and revitalizing the senses!

You can try out various varieties of iced coffee recipes at home. Some of the key ingredients that are essential to make the perfect ice coffee must not be overlooked. So you’ve got to make sure to use plenty of ice cubes, sugar, whipped cream, coffee powder, milk and water. To make your cool and icy drink tastier and more exotic you can add some interesting ingredients such as cardamom powder, chocolate or caramel sauce, vanilla and orange essence as the final topping!

A cup of iced coffee can be very refreshing in the warm sunny afternoons. When you add just ice cubes to make your ice coffee, the ice melting actually dilutes the strong coffee brew. To avoid this its best that you add the ice cubes just before sipping into the coffee. Coffee experts suggest that dark-roasted coffee beans are ideal to be used to make ice coffee. In this way the strong coffee flavor is retained even after adding ice cubes.

So if you are health conscious then how about switching from colas and soft drinks to iced coffee? Well there is no doubt about the innumerable beneficial aspects of coffee and caffeine with respect to health. Ice coffee contains all the goodness of coffee as well as being as freshening as any soft drink or cola.

The next time you are in the mood for iced coffee you can try out these fabulous cold coffee recipes at home. Iced Jamaican Coffee, Amaretto icy coffee, Coffee soda, Iced Honey Coffee, Whole Iced drinks of coffee, etc. Yummy! These recipes are easy to prepare and truly scrumptious! You can also go in for a fusion recipe where you can mix coffee and coke together called Coffee Coke Float!

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