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Bonmac TCA-3GD-BM Siphon Coffee Brewer

Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Brewer

  • Bonmac Siphon Coffee Brewer
  • Capacity of 3 Cups/360 ml
  • Model #TCA-3GD-BM
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Burner is not included, can be purchased separately
  • Extremely hands on brewing giving you great control over the brewing process
  • Unit includes cloth filter, filter holder, bamboo stirrer, lid, stand, and upper and lower glass brewing chambers

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      Hario HTF-2W Tea Syphon

      Hario HTF-2W Tea Syphon

    • Hario HTF-2W Tea Syphon
    • Has a capacity of 10 ounces/1 to 2 cups
    • Unit made in Japan
    • Model #HTF-2W
    • Measures 7.75" Wide x 2.5" Diameter x 12" High
    • Easy to use tea maker
    • Uses a lit burner, tube, and filter for clear brewing

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        Vac Pot/Siphon K165 Reusable Filter

        Vac Pot / Siphon K165 Reuseable Filter

      • Vac Pot / Siphon K165 Reuseable Filter
      • Reuseable siphon and vac pot filter
      • Hand-crafted for durability using fine stainless steel mesh
      • Filter is stitched with Argentium silver wire
      • Will fit 3/5 cup Hario & Yam siphon coffee makers that are 2 3/8" filter diameter
      • Model #K165 siphon filter by Kaffeologie
      • Cleaning the filter is effortless. Just rinse the coffee out of your siphon while the filter is in place. Then rinse the filter separately

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