Green Tea Plant

Green Tea Plant. Also known by its botanical name Camellia Sinensis, the plant has been hailed as one of the most promising health remedies for cancers and everything from stomach aches to body pain. Originating from the Far East, plants grow in tropical or sub tropical climates to reach a height of approximately 6 feet. To derive the best flavors, these plants are grown at a higher elevation, with only 20% of the shrubs leaves being used for tea production. These green tea plants do not grow in a few days or weeks, but take up to 3 years for a single harvest, and add another 6 years if you need seeds to grow your own.

All black teas stem from the green tea plant, and the only reason for the change in color is due to the way they are processed. Although they are all attributes of the same plant, the flavors vary on the geographical area where they are harvested, type of processing and overall growing conditions. The key ingredient of the plant is its Catechins commonly referred to as antioxidants. According to clinical studies and scientific research, these antioxidants have proven to combat cancers, and reduce the risk of heart disease. These plants are also beneficial to those affected by metabolic disorders, viral infections, low cholesterol levels, obesity, arthritis and type II diabetes.

Although the antioxidants present in the plant aid the body in repairing itself, consumption must be in limited quantities. Green tea does contain a rather negligible amount of caffeine, and this level varies across different brands. Green tea aficionados crave this high antioxidant drink for its various benefits, and hence have found a solution to reduce the caffeine levels from the plant. First you can either choose tea bags with a low level of caffeine or simply buy loose tea powder. The reason being pre-manufactured tea bags contain a higher concentration of caffeine, when compared to loose leaf green tea.

On the contrary, some consumers prefer a jolt of caffeine in the mornings or just want an alternative to coffee, and for them this is an ingenious solution. Overall, there are no flaws associated with the use of the green tea plant, and if you’re looking for a product with both natural and effective characteristics, this is an excellent choice.

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