Frequency of Coffee Enemas

by Shirley Glennon
(Miami, FL)


How many days should one stay on a coffee enema and how much liquid should be taken. I heard of a procedure for 14 days and on a liquid diet of fruit and vegetables?

You should use one quart of water. Complete information for DIY coffee enema can be seen at Coffee Enema Procedure.

As for how many days I will quote from my page "Danger of Coffee Enemas".
"The main Danger of Coffee Enemas is in the frequency. Although many individuals choose to participate in Coffee Enemas on a daily basis, you should know your limit when it comes to putting coffee into your body. Speak with your doctor to determine the proper frequency of engaging in Coffee Enemas."

I haven't heard of the 14 days and on a liquid diet of fruit and vegetables so I cannot comment on that.

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