Flavored Coffee Blend
More Tastes In A Single Cup!

Flavored Coffee Blend is one of the many different types of blends available on the market today. These blends are enjoyed by many people. But there are those who do not like to have the regular flavored blends because they get an awful chemically taste in the coffee. This taste makes it seem like they’re drinking some kind of fake coffee. Well, if you too seem to feel that way, a flavored blend can be the perfect option.

Coffee is divided into two main categories - Single Origin Coffees and Coffee Blends. Let’s take a look at what these terms indicate:

1. Single Origin Coffees: When only one particular type of coffee bean is used to make the coffee, this is termed as single origin coffee. For instance: Kona coffee, Java coffee, Brazilian coffee, Sumatran supreme etc. These are all examples of single origin coffees. THis is because they are made from coffee beans which are grown in these particular areas only. Essentially, when different coffee beans are not mixed together but a single type of bean is used, then these are single origin coffees.

2. Coffee Blends: As the name suggests, these types of coffees are made by mixing two or more different types of coffee beans. For instance: Mocha Java blend refers to coffee that is a mix of mocha beans as well as java coffee beans. Similarly, Hawaiian Kona blend refers to coffee that is made with Kona beans and other types of Hawaiian coffee beans such as Maui, Kauai etc. Even if a coffee is made from only Kona coffee but different varieties such as Kona No 1 and Peaberry Kona, then such a coffee will be a Kona blend and not a single origin coffee.

Now that you know the difference between coffee blends and single origin coffee, it is time to see what a flavored coffee blend means.

About Flavored Blends

Flavored coffee is that which is made from flavored beans. Although natural flavorings were used in the distant past; today, coffee beans are flavored with chemical flavorings and solvents. This is the reason that many people get a weird chemically taste when the drink flavored coffee.

However, when flavored beans are mixed with single origin coffees, then the resultant flavored coffee blend does not taste very chemically but imparts a great taste indeed.

This is because when the flavored beans are mixed with stronger coffee and sometimes even gourmet coffee beans, the artificial taste is overpowered by the stronger natural taste of coffee. Thus, you still get the wonderful aroma and taste of the added flavorings, but not with the accompanying ‘fake’ taste.

Some of the different flavored coffee blend types available are:

  • Amaretto

  • Banana Hazelnut

  • Chicory Java blend

  • Chocolate Mocha blend

  • French Vanilla Kona coffee blend

  • Hawaiian Hazelnut blend

  • Tiramisu

    Special flavored blends is also available for different times of the day. Thus, if you like to have a fresh and refreshing cup early in the morning, you can take your pick from the many types of flavored breakfast blends available. Or if you want a relaxing cup with a smooth and flavorful taste to enjoy at the end of a hard day, you can choose from the various after-dinner blends available.

    Choosing a flavored blend can also be a great way to save some money while enjoying gourmet coffee. Since specialty blends do not contain 100% gourmet coffee but also flavored beans which are cheaper, they are much more cost effective that specialty coffees.

    Thus, if you want to have multiple great tastes in a single cup of coffee, go buy some flavored coffee blend today.

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