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Specialty Coffee And Teas, you may very well have heard of them if you drink tea or coffee. However, not many people know what exactly it is that makes a tea or coffee special, or in other words gourmet.

Why is it that not all tea and coffees come under the specialty category? Why is gourmet tea and coffee more expensive that regular ones? Are gourmet teas and coffees better than the instant variety? All these and more questions are answered below.

About Specialty Coffee And Teas

A tea or coffee is categorized as specialty because of many different factors.

These include:

1. Growing region: They are grown in areas where the weather conditions are absolutely perfect for tea or coffee growing. Such as the perfect soil, suitable climate, and high altitudes. However, not all teas and coffees from such regions are classified as specialty. Only the best products from these regions can truly be termed as gourmet.

2. Cultivation methods: How tea or coffee is cultivated and processed also has a bearing on whether it is specialty or not. Instant tea and coffees are typically mass produced and are roasted and packaged in large commercial plants. However, gourmet coffee and tea is carefully hand picked, graded and sorted. Also, only the finest coffee beans and tea leaves are used to make the end product. They are usually grown in organic conditions, which help to make their quality much better.

Different Types

1. Specialty Coffees:

Coffee is largely divided into two main types. Arabica and Robusta, depending on whether it comes from the Arabica species of coffee trees or the Robusta species. Only the finest Arabica coffee beans from around the world are used to make specialty coffee. However fine the Robusta variety, it typically does not qualify to be a specialty coffee. Some examples of coffees from different areas are:

  • Kona Coffee from Hawaii
  • Java from Indonesia
  • Supremo from Columbia
  • Mocha from Yemen

    2. Specialty Teas: Teas are classified into the following types:

  • Green Tea: Tea leaves are simply dried and they are not oxidized. Provides a mild and delicate tasting brew.

  • Black Tea: Tea leaves are completely dried and then oxidized. Provides a stronger color and more flavored brew.

  • Oolong Tea: This type of tea falls between green tea and black tea as it is dried and oxidized, but not completely.

  • White Tea: This is the latest kind of tea to hit the markets. This tea is neither oxidized nor withered, but only steam dried. Only the bud from the mature tea plant is used to make this tea, and not the two leaves accompanying the bud.

    The best tea leaves from each category are used to make specialty teas.

    They do not come packaged in tins like instant varieties. These are typically sold by the pound. These teas and coffees provide a much better taste and flavor than their regular counterparts. As more effort goes in growing, picking, and processing Specialty Coffee And Teas, they are more expensive that the instant type.

    However, if you want to enjoy tea or coffee drinking to the maximum, then you can do that only with these blends and not any other kind.

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