Cuisinart Percolator

Cuisinart Percolator

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator in Black & Stainless. The housing is constructed of stainless steel making it very durable and also attractive. This perculator will brew from 4 cups up to 12 cups, so it fits in nicely with any size family, small office, or even dormitory room.

It is your classic perculator with a glass top for viewing the brewing cycle, just like your grandparents had, only in a little fancier looking appliance.

Has a few more features than your parents or grandparents coffee pot had. Newer features include a ready to serve light letting you know when the coffee is finished percolating, and ready to drink. Also has a cord that can be detached for serving, and also makes it easier to fill and clean.

The spout is drip free, so no more dribbles all over the table to clean up after. The bottom of the unit can be safely put down on the countertop or table without worry of burning the surface, as it is a stay cool bottom. The lid has an easy to grip knob.

This Cuisinart Percolator comes with a 3 year limited warranty for peace of mind, but doubt that you will need to use it.

You might find this useful: Perma-Brew 3 Year Re-useable Coffee Filter, Disk. Much cheaper than using paper filters which need replacing after each brewing cycle. Plus, more eco-friendly, less waste, easier to clean up afterwards too.

Or if you prefer, there are several packs of paper filters to choose from too. Melitta 628354 White Disc Coffee Filter. Melitta White Wrap Around Coffee Filters for Percolators, 40-Count Filters (Pack of 12). or Melitta White 3.5" Disc Coffee Filters for Percolators, 100-Count Filters (Pack of 24).

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