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Kaffeologie Coffee Catchers from Amazon

Kaffeologie Medium 8 Cup

Kaffeologie Coffee Catcher

  • Large 12 Cup

  • Kaffeologie 8 Cup Medium Size - will fit a 4 to 8 cup glass carafe
  • Kaffeologie 12 Cup Large Size - will fit a 12 cup glass carafe
  • Constructed of 100% stainless steel
  • Features a 2 part hook & disc design
  • Gives you a much better tasting French Press brew and also makes for much easier carafe cleanup

    Before you begin brewing you need to hook into the disc and then press gently pushing toward the bottom of the glass carafe. It will need to align with the catches on the disc with the spout of the carafe. Once that is done, you brew and pour your coffee as you normally would. You will need to trap some of the brew at the bottom of your carafe, with the disc preventing the "bitter tail" from ruining the taste of your brewed coffee. Then hook into the disc and then pull up the coffee grounds that have collected on the catcher from the carafe.

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    Coffee Catcher Siphon / Vac Pot Mod

    Coffee Catcher Siphon / Vac Pot Mod

  • Coffee Catcher Siphon / Vac Pot Mod
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning provided by a wide neck fit
  • With the 3.6" diameter it will fit Yama and Hario 5 cup siphon coffee makers

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