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Cappuccino Coffee Beans

Cappuccino Coffee Beans can not only make you a good cup of cappuccino, but also a great espresso. The wonderful thing about coffee is that it can be made in various ways and can thus be enjoyed by people with differing tastes. People who like their coffee strong and bitter can make black coffee; those who like a milder version can add milk or cream; for a full bodied flavor, espresso is the perfect choice; whereas those who like an international flavor can enjoy a cappuccino.

Here’s how you can make a great cuppa from Cappuccino Coffee Beans:

You can either make an espresso or a cappuccino from the beans. Don’t know what the two are? Well, here’s a little bit of education for those who don’t know the difference.

1) Espresso: An espresso is a coffee that is made using an Espresso Machine, wherein steam is added to the coffee, resulting in a fresh pressure-brewed coffee. A thick layer of froth on the top of the coffee is an indication of a good espresso.

2) Cappuccino: This is a kind of an espresso but with other things thrown in. A full cup typically includes a third of a cup of espresso, a third of a cup of milk that has been steamed, and a third of a cup of frothed milk. Sugar may or may not be added depending on individual tastes. Then it is finished off with a sprinkling of chocolate or cinnamon powder on the very top.

Now that you know the difference between a cappuccino and an espresso, let’s see how you can use these beans to make either kind of coffee.

  • The first thing that you need to do is grind the Cappuccino Coffee Beans into a powder, assuming they are the roasted kind. If your Cappuccino Coffee Beans are not roasted, then the first thing that you need to do is roast them and then grind them to a powder.

  • Add the powdered Cappuccino Coffee Beans to your espresso machine and make as much espresso as you like (instructions are available with all espresso machines).
  • To make cappuccino, fill a third of a cup with the espresso.
  • Now put the steam nozzle of the espresso machine into some cold milk and steam the milk for about a minute. You will see that a layer of froth has formed on the top.
  • Add a third of a cup of steamed milk to the espresso and then add the frothed milk to cover the entire cup. Your cappuccino is ready to be savored!

    This is how you can use your beans to make some great coffee.

    But what do I do if I don’t have an espresso machine? Good question….

    As espresso machines can cost a pretty penny, you may not have one. So here’s how you can make the coffee even without the machine.

  • Brew a regular cup of coffee using your Cappuccino Coffee Beans.
  • Mix one teaspoon of sugar in a cup of milk and heat in the microwave for a minute.
  • Put this mixture into a blender and whip for a minute. The milk should froth up nicely.
  • Pour half the brewed coffee into a cup and top with the whipped and frothed milk.

    Now isn’t that a simple and easy way to use your beans to make your daily cuppa?

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