Flavored Coffee

Adding Flavor to Coffee

1. Coffee beans: Flavored Coffee beans are fast gaining in popularity and will soon be available at all the places where you buy regular coffee from. The flavoring is added just after the roasting process when the coffee bean is still warm. This is so that it absorbs the flavor thoroughly.

When you use these beans to make coffee, you will get wonderful coffee with the flavoring of your choice. You can buy either the whole beans and grind them yourself. Or buy coffee that has already been ground. You have a choice of the following types of grind:

  • Espresso grind: If you like your coffee espresso style, you need to specify that you want espresso grind for the beans. In this type of grind, the beans are made into a very fine powder which is essential for espresso coffee.

  • Drip grind: If you use a drip coffee maker, you need to buy drip grind coffee. Here the coffee is not ground as fine as with espresso grind.

  • French press grind: Although a French press type of coffee maker is not very common, if you do have one, you need to select this type of grind for your coffee.

    In addition to choosing the type of grind, you can also choose between regular flavored beans or decaf flavored beans.

    Always buy from a vendor who roasts the coffee beans on the exact same day that they are shipped to you. The roasting process of the bean brings out its natural flavor but also starts the oxidation process. Thus, for the freshest coffee possible, you should use the roasted beans within days of being roasted.

    Also make sure that the flavored beans are shipped in a heat sealed bag which has a valve to allow the vapors to escape. If the bag is tightly sealed but does not have such a valve, your coffee may be ruined by the time it reaches you.

    2. Flavored Coffee syrups: Buying flavored syrup is also a great way to add the flavor to your coffee, not to mention a very convenient one as well. In fact, you can use flavored coffee syrup in many other ways as well. Such as - for baking, as ice cream topping, to spike various beverages etc. Coffee flavored syrups are also available in the sugar free types, which is great if you’re trying to lose weight or are diabetic.

    3. Flavored coffee creamers: Do you like to add cream to your coffee? If so, you need not use the same boring type of creamer everyday. You can make your coffee taste a whole lot better by using flavored creamers. These liquid creamers can be used in the same way that you use any regular creamer. But let me tell you, they will taste far better!

    With so many different ways in which flavored coffee can be enjoyed, coffee lovers never had it better!

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