Cafe Belmondo Coffee Maker Review

Cafe Belmondo 12 cup C33A-ADC Coffee Maker

  • Black
  • White

  • Belmondo 12 cup C33A-ADC Coffee Maker
  • Available in white and black
  • Touchpad controls are easy to clean
  • Digital clock timer
  • Automatic shut-off
  • No drip spout and an ergonomic handle on the Perfect Pour carafe
  • 12 cup capacity carafe
  • Get a cup of coffee while brewing with the Auto pause feature
  • Water level indicators and fill markers are easy to clean
  • Cafe Belmondo model number C33A-ADC

    This coffee maker has many fine features including an easy to clean touchpad controls. You can get it in either black or white. The parts are easy to remove for cleaning, and the outside just needs to be wiped down occasionally. Brew basket swings out for easy removal of the permanent filter, and for adding coffee grounds before brewing. Water is easy to add to the water reservoir, just flip the top open and pour in the water. The unit has water level indicator on the right side with a red ball showing you how many cups of water have been added. You can set it up for fresh coffee in the morning when you awake. It can also give you a cup of coffee before brewing has been finished if you are in a hurry for a cup of coffee with the auto pause feature.

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