Black and Decker TCM830 10-Cup
Thermal Stainless-Steel Coffeemaker

Black and Decker TCM830 10-Cup
Thermal Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker from Amazon

Black and Decker TCM830 10-Cup Thermal Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker

This is a popular 10 cup capacity coffee maker. This brewer comes with the stainless steel thermal carafe which is great for keeping your brewed coffee hot and fresh for hours. Easily programmable with the digital clock and touch pad controls. For safety and to ease your mind this brewer has an auto-shutoff feature. Comes with a removable brew basket for easy filling and cleaning. The water reservoir is detachable for convenience in filling with water and also for cleaning purposes. This thermal coffeemaker has a sleek design that has become very popular. Brews great tasting coffee that doesn't lose its flavor by being on a heating element but rather uses the thermal carafe. The cone shaped brew basket uses a #4 cone filter.

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    Black and Decker TCM830 Thermal Coffeemaker PROS:

  • Removable water reservoir easy to fill
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee fresh and hot for hours
  • Cone shaped filter requires less coffee for same strength
  • Easy to read marks on the water reservoir
  • Easy to program
  • Well built
  • Esthetically pleasing coffee maker
  • Coffee is Hot
  • Clock is LCD
  • Brewing light is green
  • Excellent Brewer for the price
  • Removable filter basket
  • Brews great tasting coffee
  • Carafe "double walled"
  • Replacement parts available from B&D's website (carafe, cap, reservoir, basket, manual)
  • To prevent overflowing the water reservoir has a D shaped overflow hole
  • Reasonably priced

    Black and Decker TCM830 Thermal Coffeemaker CONS:

  • Brew-through lid has small holes that may allow debris to get in which would be hard to clean out
  • The carafe lip makes it hard to empty completely
  • Lid is difficult to clean
  • Pot drips condensation from the small holes around the top
  • Coffee pours slowly from carafe due to small pouring spout
  • Coffee not hot enough for some - Heating mug before pouring coffee helps
  • Cover is difficult to screw on
  • Slow to brew
  • Bottle brush needed to clean carafe
  • Metallic taste from the carafe
  • Parts are mostly made of plastic

    Black and Decker TCM830 Thermal Coffeemaker Summary:
    If you are looking for a coffee maker that keeps your coffee warm and doesn't have an easily breakable carafe, this is for you. However, if you want extremely hot coffee you should probably go with another model. For the price, you get a very good coffeemaker with a thermal carafe.

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