Black and Decker
SDC850 SpaceMaker Coffeemaker

Black and Decker SDC850 Spacemaker Coffeemaker

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This Spacemaker unit has Save-A-Plug Outlet which allows you to plug in up to 4 Space Maker appliances using only 2 wall outlets. You are provided with a shortcut as at least 2 of the mounting holes match the older model ODC units. So if you are upgrading you have a slight time saver on installation.

One of the features of this unit is the Sneak-A-Cup® interrupt which allows you take get a cup of coffee while the unit is still brewing. The carafe provided is an 8 cup Perfect Pour® Thermal Carafe. You also can hide the electrical cord with the cord management feature eliminating some unsightly clutter on the counter.

The unit measures 12.6 inches by 10.3 inches by 15.5 inches and weighs approximately 10.5 pounds. This new spacemaker unit gives you 63% more counter space with a very sturdy unit. This coffee maker is also very easy to operate.

Black and Decker SDC850 PROS:

  • Larger LCD display than previous models
  • Larger LED indicators than previous models
  • Bright blue LED indicates that unit is brewing
  • Very high off the counter allowing more counter space
  • Hanging carafe can be removed for even more space on the counter
  • Very Esthetically pleasing
  • Easy to install
  • Allows you to get coffee even while brewing
  • Thermal pot keeps coffee warm for extended period of time

    Black and Decker SDC850 CONS:
  • Template is slightly off
  • Mounting bracket needs to be removed before installing
  • Plastic parts break easily
  • The screws that are provided are wrong size, they are too long
  • Some installed units may leak
  • Complaints of carafe leaking in between metal and the plastic while pouring
  • No back light on the clock
  • Top panel supposed slide off but is very difficult to do
  • Some complaints on B&D's customer service regarding replacement parts

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