AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker and Espresso Maker 80R08

  • with Bonus 350 Micro Filters
  • With Bonus zippered nylon tote bag
  • With Tote Bag

    Coffee maker model number 80R08 is available in new and used units. Amazon provides frustration free packaging to make things easier for you when you go to unpack the coffeemaker. This little coffee maker will brew between one and four cups of coffee or espresso per pressing.

    This model will brew your coffee and espresso with a lower acidity and no bitterness making for a much fresher and cleaner tasting coffee or espresso. This is because the extraction occurs at a moderate temperature and with a shorter brewing time with the total immersion system it uses.

    The micro-filtered coffee it brews can be stored as a concentrate for days at a time, rehydrated and drank with the same taste as the day it was brewed.

    Very easy to clean. The chamber is practically self-cleaning, only takes 10 seconds to rinse the plunger making it sparkling clean and ready for brewing another batch of perfect tasting coffee or espresso. Being as small as it is and not needing batteries or an outlet, it is ideal for camping or anywhere you want coffee and don't have electricity.

    Replacement Micro-Filters for your Coffee Maker.

    For making espresso they are so easy to use unlike full size espresso makers. You don't need to worry about the grind as it isn't critical, nor does humidity makes brewing anymore difficult. No tamping is required or pre-warming of a portafilter head. Guess what? There isn't one! Unlike full size espresso makers, there is no difficult cleaning required, just rinse and be done. And water preference is up to the user, so you can make any strength of espresso you choose easily.

      Aeropress Coffee Maker PROS:
    • Allows you to control how hot the water is and how long you let the water and coffee mix
    • Easy to clean
    • Makes great tasting coffee and espresso
    • Easy to use
    • Filters can be reused
    • No electricity or batteries required

        Aeropress Coffee Maker CONS:
      • Espresso purists will claim it cannot make authentic espresso, you be the judge of that
      • You will use a larger amount of coffee beans because it is so easy to make coffee with that you will probably be making more than before, just kidding, sort of!

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        AeroPress Coffee Maker Instructions

        Instructions start out with first putting a filter in the coffee maker. Then add the coffee. If you are using the scoop that came with the unit, use 1 scoop. Heat the water. You can find out how much as there are markers printed on the side of the unit for 1 to 4 cups of espresso shots. Recommended temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees. Don't use boiling water as this will cause unpleasant flavored coffee. Then mix the water with the coffee grounds. Similar to a french press the grounds are immersed in water. Let the water sit for no longer than 10 seconds. Now you need to insert the plunger and push out the water from the unit. Take about 20 seconds to extract the water. Now your brew is ready to drink, or to make your espresso or cappuccino etc.

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