Senseo Cappuccino Coffee Pods

Reviews of Senseo Cappuccino Coffee Pods

Cappuccino Coffee Pods by Senseo

Senseo Cappuccino Coffee Pods

40 Pods
60 Pods

  • Cappuccino Coffee Pods by Senseo
  • Available in 40 pod size or 60 pod size
  • These are pods that pre-measure servings for a no mess, no fuss method of brewing a cappuccino with a full, smooth taste and aroma
  • The European company Douwe Egberts selects and roasts the various blends for these pods
  • Each pod contains one serving of ground coffee with coffee creamer
  • Brews a rich, creamy, and frothy layer for great tasting cappuccino
  • Designed to be used with Senseo coffee makers

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