Nespresso C100 Essenza
Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso Machine Review

C100T Nespresso Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine, Titan Grey

  • More New C100T Nespresso, Titan Grey
  • Refurbished C100T Nespresso, Titan Grey
  • New C100/T1 Nespresso, Titan Grey
  • Used C100/T1 Nespresso, Titan Grey
  • C100 Nespresso, Black
  • More New C100 Nespresso, Black
  • Nespresso C100 with Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother, Titanium
  • More New C100 Nespresso with Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother, Titanium
  • Used C100 Nespresso, Titanium
  • C100 Nespresso with Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother, Black
  • C100TB Nespresso w/ Froth Au Lait Fal-W Frothing Unit, Twilight Blue
  • C100 Nespresso, Twilight Blue
  • Refurbished C100 Nespresso, Twilight Blue

    This is a top selling Single Serve Automatic Espresso Machine that comes in several different colors and a couple of packages deals. You get to choose from Black, Titanium, Titan Grey, and Twilight Blue. Then you have a package deal that includes the C100 Nespresso Espresso Machine and the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother in either black or titanium. Another package deal is the C100TB Nespresso in Twilight Blue with Froth Au Lait Fal-W Frothing Unit. You also have the option of buying a New Espresso Machine, or you can choose from several used and refurbished machines.

    This unit is compact and comes with a 19 Bar pressure pump and thermobloc heating element. It is automatic and programmable with a backlit on/off button and a coffee volume button. Has a 41 ounce removable water tank. Unit has electronic temperature regulation and manual control of the amount of coffee you want in your cup. The capsules it uses are automatically ejected once they are used. The used capsules are ejected into a container that can hold up to 14 used capsules. The machine comes with an assortment of 12 capsules to get you started. Each capsule contains the right amount of ground coffee for a single or double shot of espresso. The single serve machine measures 14.5 inches by 13 inches by 9.4 inches and weighs 13.6 pounds.

    If you choose the Nespresso C100 package deal with the Aeroccino milk frother you will be getting a one touch machine to get milk froth or hot milk. The frother also has an automatic stop function. Simple milk dosage indicated in the jug. Two levels: milk froth and hot milk.

    Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso Machine PROS:

  • Makes delicious Espressos
  • Cappuccinos are great tasting
  • Lattes are smooth and delicious
  • Coffee is Exceptional
  • Frother works well - easy to clean
  • Wide variety of coffee capsules
  • Capsules provide an excellent tasting brew
  • Easy to clean
  • Nespresso customer service is excellent
  • Compact
  • Sturdy
  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Easy to use
  • Brews fast

    Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso Machine CONS:

  • Hard to find the Nespresso pods (capsules) in local stores, but easily available online
  • Capsules are expensive

    Summary for the Nespresso C100 Espresso Machine:
    Overall the vast majority of users loved the lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos that it made. The cost and availability of the coffee pods were an issue though. But then pods are always more expensive than whole beans or ground coffees. The pods can be purchased online or at Nespresso store fronts. Some stated that the coffee was weak, but the vast majority thought it was good coffee. In conclusion this is a very good machine for the price and users had very few complaints. Customer service replaced broken frothers at no cost and replaced them quickly.

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