Mr Coffee Frappe Maker Review

Mr Coffee Frappe Maker BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce

Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker

  • Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker
  • You control consistency with the "pulse" button
  • Easy to clean removable brew basket
  • Easy touch of a button blending and brewing
  • Cross between a blender and a coffee maker
  • Blending jar is dishwasher safe and has a capacity of 20 ounces
  • Unit has a small footprint for taking up less counter space
  • Easy serving provided by the generous jar handle
  • Does everything needed to make a Frappe in one 3 minute cycle
  • Includes a 20 recipe recipe book
  • One year limited warranty
  • Measures 10" by 5.5" by 15.5"
  • Model Number BVMC-FM1
  • Customer Reviews

    Mr Coffee Frappe Maker Summary
    Unit uses 4 cup paper filters, which by the way are not included with the machine. Includes a great recipe book with plenty of recipes that should work for you, even keep you from going to Starbucks to get your Frappes. Basically this unit is a combination blender and coffee machine, and it works great for making your favorite frappe beverages. Keep in mind that the parts are Not dishwasher safe, so you do have to give a little extra effort with cleaning.

    In order to make a frappe, just add a paper coffee filter to the coffee brewer, add between 3 and 6 cups of ground coffee, and add water to the unit. Then you go to the blending pitcher and add ice cubes, plus flavored syrup, alcohol, milk, ice cream or any other ingredient you want in your beverage. Then turn the unit on which starts the brewing and then will automatically start a pulsing cycle. If you need more blending, the unit has a "blend" button to use for that.

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