Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters History

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters History. This company markets a brand of coffee that is superb in every way.

This brand of organic coffee is very popular in America, especially in Waterbury and Vermont, the official headquarters of the Company. The company roasts high-quality Arabica coffee beans offering over 60 varieties of the coffee bean.

Numerous varieties of superior quality coffees are sold under this brand. You can find Vermont Green Mountain in supermarkets and coffee stores. Amazon offers many varieties of this particular brand of coffee in it's online store.

This company is considered to be a leader in the specialty coffees industry. This brand offers its customers choices from a large collection of gourmet coffee varieties.

You can select from exotic origin, limited edition, single-cup, fair trade and organic, signature blends, flavored caffeinated and decaffeinated blends, African/American/Indonesian coffees, light/medium/darkly roasted coffee beans, and office coffee varieties. The list seems so interesting and irresistible!

They believe in drawing equilibrium between the coffee farmers and the environment. So when you brew a cup you can rest assured that the coffee beans have been cultivated in an eco-friendly manner. No harmful pesticides/herbicides are used instead, natural organic manures and fertilizers are utilized generously.

The company strongly protects the rights of its coffee farmers. The coffee cultivators and their family are well supported. Fair trade coffee selling is practiced by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters so as to provide the coffee cultivators with proper remuneration on the basis of their crop yield. So Green Mountain also has a more humane side to look up to, which is quite credible!

This coffee is also available in special packages exclusively suited for use in offices. Coffee at the workplace seems to be an absolute necessity. It helps employees to relax, feel invigorated and refreshed relieving them of both physical and mental stress quite quickly! What better way than a cup of strong, rich and full-bodied cup of this stimulating coffee to boost the productivity of workers at the office!

It is fast gaining immense popularity among American coffee lovers. They have recently launched four varieties of high quality single-cup green mountain coffee pods. These pods are best suited for one-cup brewing systems.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters History
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