Granite Ware Coffee Boiler Reviews

Graniteware 3 Quart 6006-1 Coffee Boiler

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  • Graniteware Model 6006-1 coffee boiler
  • Capacity of 3 quarts
  • Color: Black
  • Porcelain is fused to a steel core
  • Made to be long lasting and work efficiently
  • Pot is easy to clean
  • Unit measures 11.1" by 8.1" by 3.4"
  • Not a percolator but a coffee boiler pot
  • No filter, tube, or basket
  • Economical
  • Use for making coffee and hot water for tea, cocoa, washing dishes, or washing up
  • Not for use on your stovetop

    Graniteware 2-Quart 6700-4 Coffee Boiler

    Graniteware 2-Quart 6700-4 Coffee Boiler

  • Graniteware Model 6700-4 Coffee Boiler
  • New & Used models available
  • Great for camping or for at a picnic
  • Color: blue
  • Capacity of 2 quarts
  • Steel core has porcelain fused to it
  • Energy efficient and durable
  • Unit is easy to clean up after
  • Unit is Made in the USA
  • Not for use on the stove
  • Lid is attached
  • This is not a percolator pot, but a boiler coffee pot
  • Getting decent coffee takes some practice and you will have a few grounds in your coffee with this pot
  • Contains no tube, filter, or basket
  • You can get the coffee grounds to settle on the bottom by adding an eggshell, or let is stand 5 minutes to let the grounds settle to the bottom
  • The trick to get coffee without the grounds is to use a ladle to scoop the coffee out rather than pouring the coffee
  • Also great for making hot water for bathing, hot chocolate, tea, cooking, or washing dishes

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