Golden Empire Coffee

Golden Empire Coffee - Caffeinated

Golden Empire Coffee
  • Golden Empire Breakfast Blend 20 2.5oz
    A smooth, medium-bodied blend of Indonesian and South American coffees combined with the snap of a darker roast. The perfect morning brew.

  • Golden Empire French Roast 20 2.5oz
    An Arabica coffee in a deep, dark roast. Sip it as you would a fine wine.

  • Golden Empire Kenyan Blend 20 2.5oz
    As you brew this coffee you will enjoy the intense aroma of lush, ripe blackberries. These larger than average beans produce a full-bodied coffee, dry & winy, rich & lively. The flavor is richly acidic with no bitterness. This bold, balanced taste is sure to be a favorite.

  • Golden Empire Kona Style 20/2.5OZ
    A distinctive blend of coffees from Central America & the big island of Hawaii, the style captures the light body & sweetness of Kona with perfect balance & flavor.

  • Golden Empire Sumatra Blend 20 2.5oz
    Sumatra Mandheling, from the Indonesian Islands, is a heavy-bodied coffee known for its mustiness, earthy background, and dry acidity.

  • Golden Empire Three Bean Reserve 20 2.5oz
    The perfect balance of three distinctive estate-grown coffees whose tastes compliment each other when blended...the lush,fruity Kenyan,the spicy Guatemalan Antiqua, and the winy Colombian Supremo provide the ultimate cup of coffee

    Golden Empire - Decaffeinated

  • Golden Empire Extra Fancy Decaf - 20 2.5oz
    For the decaf drinker who prefers a more distinctive taste.

  • Golden Empire French Roast Decaf 20 2.5oz
    Our tastiest decaf in a French Roast. For Gourmet enjoyment without the caffeine.

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