Frequency Of Coffee Enema?

by George John
(Cochin, Kearla, India)


I was 88 kg with 168 cms height. Aged 57 years, victim of diabetic, blood pressure, ED problems, chronic prostratics with echo pattern, fatty lever, one half month back.

After coffee 1 liter weekly trice, followed with little lime & Aloe Vera juice mixed in water, and daily walking 3 km in morning with yoga and heavy breathing exercises,found last two weeks blood sugar maintaining FPB- 90, PFB- 135 range even after discontinuing my normal dose of diabetic medicine (Galvus Met-formin - 1000mg morning & evening). BP medicine also reduced to 1/4 by cardiologist after check up.

I have been consuming lime, ginger, honey warm water early morning, followed with Loki juice or Muriga leaves juice alternatively and followed light low calorie high fiber diet.

Now my weight is reduced to 78kg with-in one half month, with health young look, fell very fresh.

Now my query is should I have to continue the coffee enema same frequency, till I reach my standard weight reducing target is about 70-72 kg.

Please advice for further procedures. How frequent coffee enema can be administrated for normal person. What are bad effects if excess? Waiting for reply.

Since you have improved your health since using the coffee enemas, I would consider continuing them. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. This is just my opinion based on what I have learned about coffee enemas and colonics.

You have improved vastly since starting your regimen. You should probably consider doing them once weekly or even bi-weekly as long as you don't start having a reversal of your
health gains. When you feel that you have experienced a plateau of improvement, then start spreading them out further apart. Say, every 3 weeks, then maybe once a month. After that I would only use them when you are constipated, have Candida overgrowth, or you just feel under the weather. You would be the best judge of how often to use them based on your overall blood sugars, and your general feeling.

As for the dangers involved with using coffee enemas, they are few. One is that you may have the water too hot when you use them. Another is that you should use only a good organic blend, the best would be to use one that is specifically blended for enema use only.

Another Danger of Coffee Enemas or any type of enema is associated with the equipment used. Be sure to purchase an enema bag or bucket with a soft tip to insert the tube into your rectum. Using a hard or rigid tip can potentially cause tearing or other problems that can lead to complications at a later date. Only use items designated for use as enema devices and ensure the tubes, tips, and everything else are completely clean and free of any harmful bacteria.

Another danger would be using them too often, or becoming addicted to them. You could possibly become addicted to the caffeine in the coffee, as decaffeinated coffee will not give effective results for an enema. This is another reason to use a blend specifically blended for enema use.

Here is the link for the coffee enema blend that I recommend: S.A. Wilsons Therapy Blend

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