Eva Solo Coffee Maker Reviews

Eva Solo Coffee Maker Cafe Solo Set

Eva Solo Cafe Solo Coffee Maker 1-L

  • 1 Liter
  • 0.6 Liter

    This Eva Solo coffee maker comes in 1 liter and .6 liter sizes. Also have a package deal that includes the 1 Liter coffee maker along with a glass flask, 5 tumblers, neoprene flask cover, and 5 stainless spoons. This coffee maker is made in Denmark and is dishwasher safe.

    This is excellent for brewing coffee in that there is excellent contact between the coffee beans and the water during brewing. The filter traps coarse particles. It has a flip-top lid that automatically opens when you are pour coffee, heat is retained with the neoprene jacket and the lip is drip-free.

    To brew coffee just add freshly ground coffee into the flask and for at least 10 seconds you need to stir with the stirrer tool provided with the coffee maker. You need to put the filter into the flask and then put the flip-top lid on and brew the coffee for 4 minutes. After this it is ready to serve.

    Eva Solo Cafe Solo Coffeemaker

    Eva Solo Cafe Solo Coffeemaker

    This is an easy to use Eva Solo coffee maker that makes excellent coffee with a little effort. It comes with a neoprene cove and a built in filter and uses heat proof glass. This coffeemaker is similar to a coffee press.

    To use just add the coarse coffee grounds with hot water and then allow them to infuse for several minutes. After that you just pour and the automatic top with serve the coffee without spilling.

    Eva Solo Tea Maker

    Eva Solo Tea Maker

  • Black
  • Red Neoprene

    Great looking tea maker from Eva Solo. Comes in black or red neoprene. Simple to use, just add your loose tea to the flask or using the stainless-steel filter insert. The lid tips up to prevent any spilling during pouring for straining the tea leaves out of your tea. After that the brewer automatically seals to keep your tea hot and to seal in the flavor. The neoprene collar can be zippered to keep your hand from burning while pouring. Dishwasher safe glass carafe, lids, and filter.

    Eva Solo Drip-Free Oil & Vinegar Carafe

    Eva Solo Drip-Free Oil & Vinegar Carafe

  • Has a good feel and holds a decent quantity of oil
  • No dripping or leaking
  • Oil stays fresh longer with a cap that goes on stopper
  • Design is very attractive
  • Thick glass so it is more durable

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