Equal Sweetener Buying Guide

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Equal Zero Calorie Sweetener Buying Guide. Items include 800 individual packets in a value pack, 4 Ounce Canisters, Equal Bulk Pack for Recipes, and Equal 12 Pack of 2 Ounce Containers.

Equal Zero Calorie Sweetener Individual Packets

Equal Zero Calorie Sweetener 800 Individual Packets

  • 800 count value pack
  • No calorie sweetener
  • Works well with diabetics
  • Each packet is the equivalent sweetness of 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Less than a gram of carbohydrates in each packet
  • 100 Packets
  • 600 Packets
  • 690 Packets

    Equal 4 ounce canisters

    Equal 4 Ounce Canister Sweetener

  • 8 pack of 4 ounce canisters
  • Serve by the spoonful
  • Ideal for using in recipes
  • Measures same as sugar, cup for cup
  • Resealable container that is easy to pour

    Equal Bulk Pack for Recipes

    Equal 1 Pound Bulk Pack for Recipes

  • One pound pouch
  • Bulk sweetener for using with recipes
  • Can be used with puddings, glazes, gelatin, dessert filling, baking mixes, and more
  • Equal 6 Pound Bulk Pack

    Equal Sweetener 12 Pack of 2 Ounce Containers

    Equal Zero Calorie Sweetener 12 Pack of 2 Ounce Containers

  • By the spoonful
  • 12 pack of 2 ounce containers
  • Great for using on your cereal, fruit, lemonade, and more
  • No sucrose, sodium, or saccharin

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