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This is a Coffee, Tea, & Small Appliance Forum that will be run by you, my visitors. You can discuss anything related to the topics within this website. Basically anything at all you want to talk about.

It is also a place for you to ask my visitors questions. Sometimes you will get great answers from the visitors that you cannot get elsewhere.

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Coffee and Headaches 
Does anybody get relief from headaches when drinking coffee? Or is it that you just get a headache from drinking coffee. I find that I get relief when …

Who Started
Making Heat Sensitive Mugs?
 Not rated yet
Anyone know who was the first to actually make a heat sensitive mug?

Replacement Part for Merol 708 Coffee Maker Not rated yet
I have a Merol 708 fully automated coffee machine. There is a braided high pressure hose (approx. 10" long with a threaded connector at one end and a push …

Coffee Baristas Not rated yet
Curious as to what everyone else thinks of when they think Barista. What do you think a barista is? Personally, I think of the kid behind the Starbucks …

220 Volt Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Not rated yet
Could use some help in finding a 220 volt espresso/cappuccino machine in New York City. Does anyone have any suggestions as to retailers that handle espresso …

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