Coffee and Headaches

Does anybody get relief from headaches when drinking coffee? Or is it that you just get a headache from drinking coffee. I find that I get relief when drinking coffee, but if I taper off and stop drinking as much caffeine, then I start getting headaches. I assume this is from the withdrawal of the caffeine in the coffee. Anybody else have similar circumstances?

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Jul 12, 2011
Coffee headaches
by: Anonymous

Yes, it can happen. My parents both got severe headaches after years of drinking coffee and then one day being served Sanka coffee. They realized the effects had to have been going that day without the usual coffee they been drinking and having the decaffinated Sanka. My mother stopped coffee altogether after that but my father continued drinking coffee but not decaffinated! This happened years ago. Me on the other am satisfied drinking either type coffee but do feel something missing if going through the day with no coffee at all. Guess that's a message of some kind.

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