Bean Vac Canister Review

Cordless Automatic Vacuum Seal Bean Vac Canister

  • Bean Vac Cordless Automatic Vacuum Seal Coffee Canister
  • Battery Operated
  • FREE 16 oz. Stainless Steel 12V Heated Travel Mug
  • Cordless
  • Automatic
  • Capacity of over one pound of coffee
  • With the flip of a handle creates a precise fresh guarding environment
  • Keeps out moisture and oxidation
  • Vacuum indicator button for looking at the coffee's freshness
  • Requires the use of 4 AA batteries
  • Bean Vac Model number ED-150
  • Customer Reviews

    Great looking vacuum sealed coffee canister. Battery operated unit will operate for over a year with the use of alkaline batteries. Batteries are not included, and you need four per unit. When the lid is closed the pump sucks out all the air, when you have it in the "Auto" mode it will usually operate two times a day. Unit has a removable liner that is washable making it easy to keep clean.

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