Chinese Tea Pots

Chinese Tea Pots

The excitement of drinking Chinese tea doesn’t just stop at the liquid, but extends to the cups and teapots. Drinking a cup of tea in China is rather an elaborate activity, which has made them popular all over the globe. If you’re wondering what the difference between a regular coffee mug and a Chinese teapot is, then one glance at them is your answer. They are minute in size, flourished with eccentric décor, and are usually engraved with Chinese letters.

Authentic Chinese tea pots are not the ones you would find at a dollar store, simply because they don’t come cheap. Traditional Chinese tea pots are composed with a specific type of red clay, which is exclusively derived from the Yunnan region of mainland China. However, these tea pots may not suit all budgets, but Chinese tea can still be savored in elegant sets. These possess the same look and feel as authentic Chinese tea pots, without the high piece tags.

6 White and Blue Longivity Teapot Set by Reorient

This hand painted compilation makes a great gift, and represents longevity and health. The décor engraved on this set is unique to each piece, and includes a Chinese poem, gourd shapes, melon and bamboo.

Handcrafted Elegant YiXing Teapot with Onboard Filter

YiXing are authentic Chinese tea pots and this one definitely one to grab while it lasts. The elegant handcrafted tea pot is composed unique clay, which helps preserve the flavor of the tea. The craftsmanship and design on this teapot is the work of craftsmen from China, and makes a great piece of home décor or a collector’s item.

Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Embossed with a Dragon Symbol

This YiXing Zisha Teapot is dominated by a dragon symbol and originates from Yixing, China, where traditional Chinese stoneware is produced. These are composed with unglazed clay, and are often referred to as Zisha pots. This type of Chinese teapot is rarely available at this price or available at all, and has received numerous awards at international exhibitions.

4 Cup Chinese Teapot Set Composed with Red Clay by Masters International

Crafted with red earthenware, this set of four Chinese teacups is a refined example of elegance and detailed art. These treasured collectible are imported from China, and is recommended for decorative use.

Beautiful YiXing Teapot Embedded with a Filter

This YiXing Teapot is sculpted with captivating lines, and is embedded with a stainless steel filter to ensure tea leaves don’t make it to your cup. This teapot represents the Sung Dynasty, which is where authentic Chinese stoneware is conceived.

4 Chinese Teacups, teapot, and tray Set in a Ming Vase design

This Chinese teapot set is all you need to complete your home decor, and is a compilation of 4 cups, a teapot and a tray. Sporting a captivating design, this set is well priced, and is imported from China.

Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Accentuated with Chinese Calligraphy

This Chinese teapot is made in the Yixing area of Chine, which is the home of original Chinese stoneware. This 100% handcrafted teapot is engraved with Chinese calligraphy, and rejuvenates its shine after being consistently wiped just like Jade and Pearl stones.

Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Flourished with Elegant Painting

The Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot features elegant painting on its side, and has won a number of awards at international exhibitions. Commonly referred to as Zisha teapots, this piece of stone ware is made from red clay only found in the Yixing area of China.

Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Complimented with a Ravishing Design

This Chinese teapot definitely justifies its price tag, and a single glance at it makes this quite evident. Shipped directly from Yixing, China, home of the red clay used to make this stoneware; this teapot makes a great gift for any occasion.

Award Winning Yi-Xing Masterpiece with Authenticity Certificate

The valuable collectable comes to you with a certificate of authenticity, and is part of the Yi-Xing masterpiece collection. Packaged in an elegant box, this Chinese teapot is definitely a unique gift idea, and won’t last long at this price.

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