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Braun water filters. If you want clean and fresh water for your coffee makers, you need to keep these in stock and replace as needed. Your coffee will taste much better, you will notice the difference immediately. Plus, your coffee maker will last much longer by having less calcification. So even though you will be paying more than you would without using filters, you will be saving money in the long term by having to replace your coffee maker less often.

Braun Coffee Maker Water Filters are available for several models of Braun and Braun Tassimo coffee brewers. They come in packs of two and other various sizes and price points for your convenience.

Braun Brita Patented KWF2 Braun Water Filter (2-Pack)

Braun Brita Patented KWF2 Water Filter

  • Braun model number: KWF2
  • Two-pack of Brita water filters
  • Good for all Braun FlavorSelect and AromaDeluxe coffeemakers
  • Improves coffee flavor by filtering out chlorine
  • Reduces calcification
  • Filters last for around 70 brewing cycles

    Braun FlavorSelect Patented Water Filter

    Braun FlavorSelect Patented Water Filter

  • Small filter works right inside drip coffee makers
  • Prevents calcification
  • Significantly reduces chlorine content
  • Lasts for two months
  • Made in USA

    Tassimo 76208 Water Filter

    Tassimo 76208 Water Filter

  • Tassimo Model #76208
  • Specifically designed for the Braun Tassimo Beverage System
  • Replacement Coffee Maker Water Filter lasts up to 3 months
  • Fits Tassimo models TA-1000, TA-1050, TA-1080, TA-1100, TA-1200, TA-1300, TA-1400

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