Black & Decker Espresso Maker

Black & Decker Espresso Maker Review

EE200 Espresso Mio Espresso Maker

Black & Decker EE200 Espresso Mio Espresso Maker

  • Model EE200 Espresso Mio
  • Both the frother and the unit are dishwasher safe
  • In less than 2 minutes can brew a double shot of espresso
  • Handle and body are both cool-touch
  • Hot or cold milk is frothed with the easy pump frother
  • Great little unit for the dorm room, office, home, or anywhere you have a microwave
  • Great for making rich espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and more
  • Full flavor is extracted with quick microwave brewing
  • Very inexpensive, perfect for someone on a budget
  • Takes a few trys to get the proper time needed on your microwave, but it is well worth it. Makes great espresso, and is very easy to operate.
  • This is a discontinued item and may be out of stock

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