Wolfgang Puck Programmable 12 cup Thermal Coffee Maker

by Debbie
(Houston, Texas)

This coffeemaker sucks. The coffee goes all over the cabinet. It is the worst coffeemaker that I have ever owned. I can't believe that I let the sales lady talk me into purchasing this piece of crap.

For the last week, my husband and I have had to get up and clean our whole kitchen and mop floors because this coffeemaker doesn't go in the pot, it goes everywhere else. They should take it off the market. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Please look at something else, I wouldn't wish the messes from this appliance on anyone.

Then you still don't get a cup of coffee. When you pay $100.00 for a coffeemaker, you expect to get much better than this, and then you can't take it back where you bought it, you have to deal with calling the company. Maybe that is an indication that there are too many unhappy people and the retail stores don't want to deal with it.

My coffeemaker is not ever a month old and I was gone for three weeks, so basically I have never got a pot of coffee since I bought it. It is so frustrating.

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