Where Have All
The Orange Cappuccinos Gone?

by Andrea
(Walla Walla, Washington)

Maxwell House International Café Orange

Maxwell House International Café Orange

My husband and I really enjoy your coffee. We have not been able to find our favorite, Orange Cappuccino, for some time now. Have you stopped making it? Will you resume some time in the future? We also enjoy the Orange Spice Latte. but we are unable to find it as well.

I will appreciate hearing from you.

Andrea Petersen

From Randy:
It is my understanding that the General Foods International Coffee line is being replaced by the Maxwell House International Café line of instant beverages. Maxwell House has the International Café Orange. Don't know if the recipe is the same as the General Foods recipe or not. Haven't heard any feedback on the taste yet.

Maxwell House International Café Orange
9.3-Ounce Packages - Pack of 6

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