What Keeps Water
From Flowing Thru the Filter?

by April Conley
(Lexington KY)


Why does water get into the filter and does not drain into the coffee pot?

Not sure what your question is exactly. I will assume you are talking about the coffee filter. Normally, you put the water in the reservoir, which goes to the filter filled with coffee grounds. The grounds are saturated and then the water drips through into the carafe or whatever container is located underneath the filter. If the water is not getting through the filter, you might have too fine a grind. This would keep the coffee from letting the water flow through at the correct rate of speed. Possibly even overflowing the filter and dripping on the counter. To correct this, just use a coffee that is a drip grind which is meant to be used in drip coffee makers.

If the problem is other than that, you will have to be more specific.

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