Traditional Old Dutch Coffee Pot

by George Boyanich
(Lane Cove . NSW. Australia)

Copper Made Turkish Coffee Pot

Copper Made Turkish Coffee Pot

I wish to purchase an IDENTICAL - SMALLER coffee pot than the one illustrated on your Website Page --- on which you have photographed an ""Old Dutch Coffee Pot Model 886"" -- Volume Size Anywhere in between About 250 mls and 350 mls.


1) Is the illustrated pot lined with any other metal, For Example, Tin? As stated in the description, it is constructed of solid copper. So the answer would be no.

2) Please advise Cost of such an Item. I only write reviews, you would have to contact the manufacturer of this item to find out if they make such a size, and the cost of such.

3) Cost of shipping. Contact the manufacturer.

4) Do Sell any other Traditional Solid Copper Brewing Pots? There are several other manufacturers of what is called a Turkish coffee pot. These include Turkish Coffee Pots listed on Amazon. Some of the brands include Old Dutch, Turkish Coffee Pot, Tulumba, Arfoglu Cezve, General, Turkish Coffee World, and Arifoglu Cezve. There are several more, but you can find them listed at Amazon by following the link.

I keenly look forward to receiving your reply.

Regards George Boyanich.

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