Sugar Free
General Foods International Coffees

by Alison
(Los Angeles,Ca)

So many people have to watch their sugar intake and even with flavored coffee it makes a big difference in your days sugar allowance. We love love the sugar free Vienna from General foods international instant coffee. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK and any other flavors would be great. Now we are even having trouble finding sugar free vanilla in all stores. Hope someone listens to this because the consumers really matter!

I just ordered sugar free vanilla from Amazon for much more than I would pay in the store and that will get old quick so don"t lose loyal customers bring back sugar free flavors please.

From Randy

General Foods International Coffees are no longer being made, they have changed the recipes and are now distributing the new flavors under the Maxwell House Cafe name. If you want the original, you will have to do some scavenging of stores, online auction houses, online retailers, etc.

You could also try contacting Kraft Foods directly to lodge your concerns, and possibly asking them to bring back the original flavors.

Here is their contact information:
Kraft Foods Consumer Relations
Post Office Box Y
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706

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