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Pero Instant Natural Beverage

Pero Natural Instant Chicory Beverage

6 Pack of 7 ounce canisters of Instant Pero Natural Beverage. This is a beverage with a coffee-like taste that is natural, caffeine free, and blended using malted barley, barley, chicory, and rye. No sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure or heart rate with this drink. Contains no stimulants such as caffeine. Also, no upset stomach as this is a low acid beverage. This is a product of Switzerland. Directions: Pero is an instant hot beverage. Put one heaping teaspoon into a cup. Add boiling water, stir. Add milk and sugar to taste if desired.

Pero Instant Natural Beverage Coffee Substitute, Extra Dark Roast

Natural Beverage Coffee Substitute

This is a 12 pack of 5.25 ounce jars of an extra dark roast coffee substitute that is an all natural beverage. No caffeine, and no sugar.

Pero Instant Natural Beverage Coffee Substitute

Pero Instant Natural Beverage Coffee Substitute

This is a 12 pack of 4.4 ounce jars of Instant Pero Natural beverage that is a coffee substitute. Contains absolutely no caffeine or sugar.

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