Oily Starbucks Coffee Beans

by Susan
(Calgary Alberta )

I recently bought a Jura Capresso Ena 9 and the salesman said that Starbucks beans are oiley and would ruin the Jura- do you know this to be true?.


From Randy:
Oily Starbucks Coffee Beans - Can They Damage Your Coffee/Espresso Machines?

It is my understanding that all coffee beans contain oil either on both the inside of the bean and on the surface of the bean, or only on the inside of the bean. It all depends on how long the coffee beans have been roasted. Darker roasts have been roasted for longer periods, and therefore have more oil on the outside of the bean. For this reason, the coffee will have a stronger taste, while beans that have been lightly or medium roasted, will have a weaker taste while retaining more oil on the inside of the coffee bean.

To my knowledge, Starbucks generally roasts all of their coffee beans for longer periods, therefore their coffee beans are mostly dark roasted and will have more exterior oil on the beans. But as far as being bad for the Jura Capresso Ena 9 Espresso Machine, they would be no more harmful than any other dark roasted bean of any other brand. You might have to clean the machine more often than when using lighter roasted beans, irregardless of the brand being brewed.

In short, Starbucks brand coffee beans are no more harmful to your new Jura Ena 9 Capresso espresso machine than any other dark roasted beans of other brands. In my opinion, since even light roasted beans still have plenty of oil, and probably more than dark roasted, that the Starbucks beans are not going to destroy or damage your espresso machine.

This is a little off the subject, but I have many varieties of finches. When I go shopping for them, I get plenty of contradictory and down right false information from supposedly well informed and knowledgeable pet store workers. Also, I have worked in retail for over 2 decades, and many managers and floor workers think they know more than they really do. So, with that in mind, don't put too much faith in the information you get from most store employees.

That said, there are many workers with plenty of helpful and correct answers for you. But I recommend that you check it out further, such as you have by requesting more information on the subject.

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